Why we are different
Overall, we are different because we are catering to parents who want to use the Internet to record wonderful memories of their child's days and share those moments with friends and family from around the world. There is no complex profiling or struggling to think of what to write about your child. There are no concerns about whether or not you should actually step away from your computer because privacy and security is important to us. We know that early days of your child's life is important and full of excitement. Therefore we allow you to keep track of your child's early days, everyday growth and milestones achieved based on sharing with contacts from around the world. Isn't the point of the Internet and technology to make your life MORE efficient? Do you think current offline baby diaries and baby websites are accomplishing this? We don't.

We are using the Internet to create another activity that you and your friends and families can enjoy and do together, as opposed to you stressing over it alone. Hiraj.com offers a simple, safe and secure way to record your child's first messy meals, cuddles, teething, smiles, first steps and their everyday adventures. Hiraj is a gift for yourself, your family and your child!

To summarize:

1. A FOCUSED baby diary and journal for the people who are looking to record their child's day to day growth, milestones achieved and wonderful memories.
2. A STRESS-FREE way for parents to share their child's wonderful moments with their friends and family.
3. The ONLINE baby diary that caters to the concept capturing and sharing your child's early days.
4. A REAL LIFE, contemporary yet common sense approach to using the Internet for sharing your child's information with loved and close ones by click of a button.
5. A NETWORK of like minded parents who are looking to start documenting their child's development, keep a diary, track important milestones, add photos and videos.

1. Another STERILE, scientific but inaccurate approach to record your child's information.
2. A MATHEMATICAL algorithm that magically tells you what to write and record.
3. A site that asks you to fill out LENGHTY profile information, which for the most parts not needed and never completely read or read at all.

Finally, we are in the process of creating a destination activity that you and other parents can enjoy, as opposed to you stressing over it alone. Whether you are a current website user, or someone that has not tried, you now have the opportunity with Hiraj.com to make a baby diary and journal!

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Hiraj.com unveiled a range of new features and visual enhancements over the last 2 months, making it more fun for parents to create online baby diary for their newborns.