Now, customise a journal for your kid
Photo frames, albums, CDs or even diaries for storing memories are passé. Online baby journals are the latest fad among contemporary parents, says ASRP Mukesh

Want to record each and every moment of your baby from the time he/ she is born till the growing up days and beyond? Maintain an online baby journal. Be it the first smile of your child, the first gesture or the initial words spoken — you can record/ capture all those online and at the same time let the world know of his/ her growing up days at the click of your mouse.

In today’s time, relatives and friends often live in different cities or even countries, so sharing your baby’s life with them becomes a difficult job. Though there exist a few conventional methods like maintaining photo frames, albums, CDs or even writing diaries everything on a piece of paper or on the PC for storing memories but it’s a tiresome job for it takes lot of time from clicking a photograph to processing.<Read More>
Posting date: 2009-10-06 11:36:55 | Back News unveiled a range of new features and visual enhancements over the last 2 months, making it more fun for parents to create online baby diary for their newborns.