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My name is Aryan Raj Gulati. My dad and uncle started this website when I was born so they can share the information and pictures of me with the family and friends back in India.

My mom found out she was having me on 30th June 2007. She was really excited. That is where the journey of me in my mummy's tummy started. My grandparents were here when she found out she was pregnant. They were really excited and happy. She told my other grandparents who were back home in India and they were happy too!!!!

My mom being a shopaholic went for shopping to get some pretty clothes for me with her friend Sarah and got loads of Unisex clothes for me. She got big black boxes from her work place and kept all the clothes and accessories she bought for me in there. Every time she went into town she bought clothes for me.

In October 2007 first week when my mom was 4 months+ pregnant and went for her scan they (mom and dad) decided to find the sex of me as my mom couldn't wait. Both were excited to know they were having a boy!! ME ME ME!! And they started thinking about the names. They thought and liked few names Karan, Siddharth, Mongarelal, and Aryan. They liked the name Aryan, so that's how I got my name, a bit different from other popular names. Raj is my daddy's nick name so mom decided to give my daddy's nick name as my middle name.

Due to some health issues my mum had to be in the hospital for few months before she had me so she planned with daddy what to get for me and what things need to be ready and there when I come home. They bought a nice baby cot for me (which I hardly used!! As I love sleeping with my parents).

Time for my mummy in the hospital was a bit difficult as she wasn't allowed to do anything other than rest. She had all the scans and saw me progressing, and every time she had a scan she cried with joy. Daddy used to come and visit momma and me of course every day. He got some food for us from home (my mom is fussy about food!). The days just started passing like that and I grew inside the tummy, and kicked her every night when she went to sleep, but she felt good whenever she felt me moving and kicking.

Then that day came, 9th January 2008 when I was born. Daddy, uncle and my mummy's best friend who is my godmother too Angie aunty was there on that day in the hospital. Daddy was in the delivery room and was the first one to see me.

My both grandparents came to see me, I was too small then. I can't wait to see them again.

I am 16 months now and my mummy say I am a big boy now. She even says I am naughty, but she loves me really I know. I can be handful sometimes but I am a boy and boys are naught y isn't it?

I have started walking now and hate to sit in my pushchair. Why should i sit in my push chair when i can walk? I love to play with T.V remote, change the channel when somebody is watching something important. I just want to listen to the music and dance on it. I love the song Singh is King, Masakali and soni de nakhre. Although I like to dance on all the songs but these are my favourites. I like to play with my blocks but only like to throw them everywhere in the room and drive mummy crazy, and every time she make a tower or pyramid of it I just break it, its naughty i know but I like them better on the floor. I just like to take my socks off and put it in my mouth. Eat food and rubbish off the floor when I should not.

I like to eat everything but yogurt is my favourite, I also like chicken, mash, egg, rice, pasta and so on.

This is my story so far. I will stop now as I am getting a little tired. I am growing day-by-day; I will keep you updated about what more new things I have learnt and how much more have I bothered my mom and dad.

When I get older I can read this and look at pictures and know what all have I done when I was little. So come on all the mummies and daddy's out there capture the special moments of your babies and show them when they are older, that what a special baby they were.

I hope you like my story. I am looking forward to hear your story.

Good luck!!

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