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The initial years of the child's life are a very precious moments of our life's with loads of enthusiasm and excitements. Hiraj allows parents to record child growth day by day, achieve milestones and wonderful memories, and in later years parents can look back and remember them by going through their diaries. It helps parents to share the moments with their friends and family, which further allows keeping the emotional bonding and updates can be checked on daily basis with each other.

Finally, we are in the process of creating a destination activity that you and other parents can enjoy, as opposed to you stressing over it alone. Whether you are a current website user, or someone that has not tried, you now have the opportunity with Hiraj.com to make a baby diary and journal!

So, let's get started?
Baby Book
At Hiraj.com we are offering a new unique feature which allows you to transform your child's online diary into a printed baby book with custom designs for FREE. The Baby Book allows you to share your child's precious moments,milestones and development with a click of a button with your friends and family around the globe. You have a full control on the information you would like to share, options to select from customisable themes and print them at home on your personal printer for FREE.
Baby Diary
With Hiraj's baby diary parents can able to write small mini blogs with milestones achieved with photo's and maintain log vital information of their child's memories. It allows parents to add milestones like first step, first word, smile, crawl etc. Hiraj.com is for grandparents, friends and they can make the heads and tail of social networking, broadcasting, open blog or other social media websites but with Hiraj.com they can able to see the regular updates and growth of the their grand children's.
Photos and Video Albums
At Hiraj.com you can upload, store and manage photo and video albums and allows your friends and family to add comments and information underneath them. You have full control of what photos you want to share or keep it for you personal use. We have also gave the option where you make the photo and video albums as private to keep the record of the sensitive information to yourselves, so you have both the choices to keep it personal or share with friends and family.
Customised website & URL
Parents can customize their child's profile with different colours and themes, icons to make a complete website for their child and help them to capture achievements, favorites, milestones, naming ceremony or coming home etc. With us parents can record their child's everyday growth, capture special moments, store memories, add photo and videos and log achievements.
Growth Infomation
You can easily track all of your children's heights and weights during the first five years of their lives. Simply enter their growth data for each month and you can visually see how they compare. You can also keep track of the baby tooth with dental chart. Hiraj.com grows as your child grows, the site also allows parents to record their child's everyday accomplishments, landmarks and also helps to track their day to day development.
Health Records
You can keep your child's health records for any number of years by logging their regular eating habits, health information, number of vaccines and dates of regular checkups. It allows you to keep the list of vaccines along with number of times, types and remaining ones.
Milestone timeline
We bring you all the tools and features you require for making your child's baby diary under one place, with a click of a button you see the achievement, development and milestones you baby has achieved. You can see the glance of everything and anything you add or update gets updated automatically on the timeline and with a click of a button you can see them any time.
Wish List
We know that you are looking forward to big events or celebrating your childs first birthday or coming home celebration. We have made this easy for parents as you can make the wish list of your child upcoming events and share it with your friends and family. This way you can broadcast and publicise upcoming events (e.g. birthdays, baby shower, christening etc) so that your friends and family are invited and informed in advance along with the type or kind of Gifts your child need.
Gift List
Gift list at Hiraj.com is ideal way to publish and list of gifts what you are looking for a particular event or want for your child. It's perfect for all occasion including birthdays, Christmas, baby shower, christening, Diwali or Eid. You can also view gift list of other children's of your friends and family and can see the latest activities done on yours and other member's gift list.
Sometimes it's hard for your love ones to visit or come around but they want to see your child's development and growth. With visitors book it's easy and simple for them so that your family and friends to write and leave wonderful messages on your baby's visitor book. It also let you to know and view which family and friends has visited your baby's diary and gives them the opportunity to view beautiful and lovely messages on your baby diary.
You can store and keep a list of useful parental and favorite shopping websites at one place, and share with your friends and family. It makes it easy for you to record, make list of websites and view them in your own time. So don't miss out and start making and sharing your favorite list of links today.
Photo Post Card
Send the post card with your child's pictures to your friends and family, choose from our range of animals themes, design and colors.
You can record memories of your child's first milestones achieved i.e. first smile, first crawl, first toy etc. You can record them by date, milestones, comments and photos. It allows you to keep a log of your child's important information in the form of milestones.
Baby's Favourites
Baby's Favorite allows you to keep the record of your baby's most wanted and likable things i.e. favorite t-shirt, favorite toy, favorite song, favorite music etc. This feature makes it easy for you to keep the list of your baby's most favorite things and add details with pictures of them.
Vaccines and Immunizations
You can keep the list of vaccines and record them with dates, details, photos and name of vaccines your baby had i.e. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Whooping Cough etc. this way you know what vaccines your child had, number of times and how many are remaining.
Automated Alerts
Friends and family can sign up for regular alerts and updates. They can receive activity alerts daily, weekly or monthly on a regular basis to see your child's regular growth and development.
Birthday Reminders
Keep a list of Birthday's of friends and family, set a countdown and wish them automatically by setting up the date. You can write a custom message to wish your friends and family from your child's side and make them feel good.
Idea Box
We are regularly working and trying to bring new services to our members there we have an IDEA BOX inside the site from where you can submit your ideas for implementation, the idea will be name after you and also we will feature you on our website.
Simple, Safe and Secure
Hiraj.com aims to provide you safe, fun and secure environment for your child's information by following way:
1. You have full control over your child's diary as you can share or hide which ever information which you don't want to share with your friends and family through a "Sharing Information" feature.
2. You can also do the similar for the photos, videos and albums; we have given full control to parents to show or not to show to their friends and family.
3. You can make folders and add photos what you want to keep it personal for your future records if you don't want to share with your friends and family.
NOTE: However, in ensuring your safety and privacy, we're limited to actions that are within out control. Therefore, it is necessary for you to exercise some simple precautions for your child's privacy and for safe and secure experience by not giving your password to anyone and ensuring the safety of it.

We have tried our best to make the website safe, colourful and simple to use for your parents, grandparents and friends and family. We are regularly working and striving to achieve the only platform for parents with all the tools and features. If you have any suggestions, feedback and new ideas to improve the website then email us on ideas@hiraj.com. This allows your child to grow with your close ones and keep the bonding process. There is no replacement for that.

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Hiraj.com unveiled a range of new features and visual enhancements over the last 2 months, making it more fun for parents to create online baby diary for their newborns.