Why use Hiraj.com ?
Hiraj.com is a free detailed online baby diary for parents. It allows parents to record wonderful memories of their child days and share those moments with friends and family around the world. Hiraj.com is the next step to online baby diary, which combines the traditional way of writing baby diary offline with the new trend of writing and sharing with friends and family, storing and publishing information online.
Why we made Hiraj.com?
Why we made Hiraj.com?
So who are the people behind the Hiraj.com?
Why Hiraj.com is unique?
What are the benefits you get when you join Hiraj.com
What are the reasons for joining Hiraj.com?
Why Hiraj.com is more safe and secure than social networking websites or open blogs or photo sharing or broadcasting websites?
Why Hiraj.com is different than other baby diary websites?
How can I register on Hiraj.com?
Can I register an account on behalf of the relative or friends child?
What tools and features we offer on Hiraj.com? Do I get anything FREE?
What can I do on Hiraj.com?
Do I maintain control over my child¡¯s information?
How much do I have to pay to make my baby diary on Hiraj.com?
As parents how can we take our child¡¯s information with us?
I am facing an error while using a Hiraj.com? What should I do?
Hiraj.com unveiled a range of new features and visual enhancements over the last 2 months, making it more fun for parents to create online baby diary for their newborns.