Hiraj Benefits
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1. The website is totally FREE. Give it a go as its worth it when it comes to making sure that you are recording and documenting your child information in a safe and hospitable environment.

2. It's FUN and EXCITING as it allows you and your friends to view and share each other child's growth, development and milestone achieved.

3. It REMOVE the initial fear, nervousness and hesitation of putting information on the open photo sharing, blogs, broadcasting and social networking websites

4. It's a SAFE way to share and record information with your friends and family.

5. It's SECURE and gives you to have control which allows you to share information what you want and rest can be kept private which will not be shared, but just for personal use.

6. It EXPANDS and BROADENS your social network by allowing you and your friends to see each other child's every day activities and milestones achieved.

7. It's a MODERN way of writing and storing information, which gives a fresh new outlook on recording information.

8. Chance to WIN loads of gift every month on Hiraj.com. We're delighted to bring you the latest product news from our partners, fantastic special offers and regular competitions with exciting prizes.

Hiraj.com unveiled a range of new features and visual enhancements over the last 2 months, making it more fun for parents to create online baby diary for their newborns.