About us
Hiraj.com is an online baby journal where parents can collate important and vital information about their baby's growth and preserve those precious memories which would otherwise fade with time. It allows parents to share their child's progress and development which friends and family worldwide. Parents are able to store their childs important information in form of a baby diary with pictures, video, record of their milestones and maintain medical journal. All this information otherwise could otherwise be lost in time but with hiraj.com you can simply document your childs first word, the day they first crawled and any special activity. So why not give it a try and please give us you feedback!

How did hiraj.com started?
Hiraj.com was started after the birth of our first child. We were really excited at the time and bought a baby diary to store and record information about his growth, development and other important events in his life. After some day my brother suggested that if would be nice to actually to be able to do this online, where the rest of our family could also be part of his growing up. We like in U.K and our parents, family and friends live in India. That's when the whole concept of hiraj.com began As we researched to see what baby sites were available for us to use and we found that some charged subscription fees whereas other supposedly free sites did not allow use of all the features without payment. That when we decided to start our own site, www.hiraj.com so that we and parents like us would be able to create their child's baby diary and still have full access to all the features for FREE.

What Hiraj mean?
Well Well...there is always amazing feeling to see your child growing and developing. As far as the name is concerned we agree that there are loads of domain name available out there but because our first sons middle name is Raj, so we decided to name it as Hi-Raj as there is an emotional bond, feeling of affection attached to the name. This is how the hiraj.com was born, it's been a pleasure and greatly satisfying to make a baby diary under our own child name instead of picking up weird or funny names like the website run by major multinational companies. The site as a concept caters towards real people, child, family and friends; we are trying to help other parents like us by giving them this service for FREE. We wanted to provide this service to other parents so that they can also be able to preserve precious early memories of their child's development. Later we will be able to tell our son what day he took the first step, when he said dada, his first crawl, got his first rocking horse and when his grandmother held him for the first time. Imagine having all this information handy for the future. It's even nice to read it sometimes and experience the same joy time & time again. We love it and hope you will also enjoy the experience on Hiraj.com.

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Hiraj.com unveiled a range of new features and visual enhancements over the last 2 months, making it more fun for parents to create online baby diary for their newborns.